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Repost of some questions and answers from Steam Greenlight thread

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 01:22 AM

This looks really cool, I hope there will be an option to pilot bigger ships.

We do plan big carriers, but they come to scene a bit later.

Have 3D space combat does not nor will it ever make a game a sim. Nor does it make it hardcore. It's simply natural to have in a SPACE game. You may be right though, Star Fox 64 multiplayer was pretty hardcore and very space sim like.

Starting with Wing Commander space shooters were not easy to play. Even against AI ships, it is not an easy ride. PvP 3D fights are totally hardcore, it is very hard even to find out what to do, where to fly. Most people find themselves disoriented, that is not called "fun". We experimented alot and found out that cutting 3ed axis is the only chance to reach the desired level of simplicity.

Do the spaceships follow the law of inertia? Basically, that's all I care about. A lack of orbital drift wouldn't bother me too much, but I wouldn't give this game any of my time if inertia wasn't present.


Yes, collisions work well. Mass, velocity, direction - all used in calculations. You will like it, if you ask for accurate physics.

  • Depth (EVE), Customize ships to play style, Big Guns or High Shields or Speed?
  • Truly tactical (STO, D:FS), High behind Asteroids, Hit'nRuns, Where a smart pilot in s small ship could potentially pick apart a larger ship.
  • and for the love of god no endgame build where we have everyone using the exact same ship because it is the only "best" ship. In other words balance.
  • You want to have the best game do the following:


That's exactly what we are going to do! Every ship with it's own playstyle. Asteroids, Nebulas and other area affect utility of different ships. And of course no killer setup.
As for customization - there are usually more than one way to build your ship during the battle, some of the ships are less and some more straightforward, that ones with more options are harder to play.


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