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Known bugs

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 01:31 AM


  • Missing stat block (dock)
  • Duplicate object names in Tutorial
  • Damage and capture % for invisible objects
  • Weird projectile behavior (sometimes)
  • Relogin cooldown 30 sec
  • Friendlist and grouplist scroll behavior
  • Upgrade center in battle is a bit confusing


  • Friends online/offline status reporting in hangar is unreliable.


  • Hornet pathfinding results in multiple collisions.
  • Ships entering battle already have 2nd level.
  • XP awards for destroyed enemies are unreliable.
  • Players leaving the fight (during the battle) are not included in the resulting battle results calculations.
  • Harvester bots are missing.
  • Global map sometimes loses information about who owns which sublocation.
  • Ship marker on global map doesn’t show one’s direction.

NB: Linux version is being tested and not officially supported

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